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by JonathanP » Mon Sep 18, 2023 12:40 pm

Wonder if you could get foiling with a Wadoo Subnato attached to a Foil? It's right about at the threshold for enough thrust to keep moving an efficient foil. Maybe a bit of pumping/paddling could do it.

I've mostly been launching at the blind channel, end of the path past the SWS pickup. Sometimes can make it out with only a few tacks if the wind and current are right. Sometimes have to paddle out to the floatplane dock. You try prone paddling with the crusader? Imagine that could work well, paddling on my prone board isn't too bad.
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by Slappy » Mon Sep 18, 2023 1:17 pm

Cruzader paddles prone amazingly easy/fast. I have shoulder issues though and can only prone paddle so much before it wrecks my shoulders. When I went out the canal I still had to prone paddle out about 100m because the wind was too light/fluky behind the ship.

The trouble is that I'd rather not be on the Cruzader in 20g30.

I'm not sure how you could mount a Subnado to a foil mast though, things like foildrive and that new version that just came out are designed around that while the Subnado would have to be mounted to one side of the mast.
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