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by Slappy » Thu Sep 09, 2021 4:31 pm

arg wrote:A breakwall to separate sun worshipping beach goers ( sometimes me) from the wind-enthusiast beach is a horrible accident waiting to happen.

Sun worshipping beach goers down-wind of any wind enthusiast is not a good idea, accidents happen. A swimmer is difficult to see when trying to get going near a beach, think sails, kites, fins, etc. meeting with a swimmer...

The setup linked above is actually pretty sensical. The swimming beach is not downwind of the windsports beach. The wind at the windsports beach is basically straight onshore so those two riprap areas on either side of the beach aren't really downwind at all. The swimming area is over by the area with the trees right now that gets horrible wind shadow and people don't go because the wind is so bad over there.

If you look at a pic of the Spit overlaid on Nexen there will be a similar amount of beach for windsports. However due to the side shore orientation of the launching spot it might be harder to accommodate as many kiters. On the other hand we don't really use the last 1/3 of the Spit so overall it will be 50% more space.

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