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by Brian C » Fri Jun 25, 2021 11:28 am

Got home last night from 9 days at Nitinat. Fantastic trip with a perfect weather setup since the day we arrived (so lucky, considering that we had to book two months in advance!). Looks great there for at least another week too.
Sailed every day on 5.0/95 litre or smaller. Never rigged the big gear. Windiest day was 4.0/72 litre !
Not crowded on the water, since the campground was only operating at 50% capacity, although they are opening up more sites now. They have cleaned up the campground nicely and replaced all the old outhouses with new cedar ones that smell SO much better (lol).
Fun sailing and visiting with Jen C and her family, and Randy & Trish, plus a few friends from our own old-school crowd.
When we drove out yesterday afternoon it was 19C in the campground and 29C in Youbou- no wonder it was cranking’. Wish we could have stayed even longer.
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by Andrew P » Sun Jul 04, 2021 1:38 pm

I have a trip to the lake coming up soon and I'm wondering if anyone who has been there lately knows if the store is open and if so are they selling ice, if they have internet, or if the pay phone out front of the store is working. I really only need to be to contact home to let family know that I am alive and well.
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Andrew P
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by BigD » Sun Jul 04, 2021 5:13 pm

Yes they sell ice at the store. There is internet in parts of the campground. $5/day. I'm up there this week, can't wait!
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by C36 » Fri Jul 09, 2021 10:25 pm

S5 – windsurf + kite – Nitinaht (Jul 5)


Golden hour. Surf checks at South Chesterman (webcam), Long Beach, Wick, and Flo. Mario summed it up the best at Flo when he said Flo was full of wind chop with the odd good wave rolling through - not much of a session, but likely the best choice this morning (that was a pretty realistic OSR for someone who is usually brimming with stoke). Next stop Port Alberni - errands, supplies, and lunch waterside at the Quay - it was a 27 degrees and about 25 mph wind when we were there. Continued on to Nitinaht and were treated to 4.5/92 wind when we arrived - likely a little much for testing out the Achilles tendons so took Ethan's suggestion to set up the tent first, then we took to the water on the evening cool-down wind (5.3/116 for me and 9m TT for Ethan). But no jumping as Achilles tendons felt a little stiff and tender at moments still. Super fun to get out after a long travel day! Outdoor art show by Rasta. Rasta was saying that the cedar used to build the outhouses was cut on site and milled on the reservation. Lakeside sunset dinner of fresh Cod served as burgers, green beans and salad.

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S6 – windsurf – Nitinaht (Jul 6)


Jump! Just like Johnny and Heather had said it has been 4.5 week at the lake. Waited for the peak of the wind and joined Johnny and Dave MH down at the cove ' lots of wind and some playful water made for a super fun session ' best part was I finally got up enough nerve to try a jump and was delighted that it was pain free! I through in a few more and all was good ' great! Very happy. Came in and joined Ethan for a late lunch.

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S7 – windsurf + kite + wakeskate – Nitinaht (Jul 6)


Wakeskate. After years of prompting Ethan finally tried one of wakeskates with the kite. He was worried about spending all of his time doing board retrieval but he did really well ' popped right up and did several reaches back and forth across the lake without issue. He signaled for the TT and said the wakeskate felt a little 'wonky' (no real bite to drive upwind). Still fun to see him try it out! Lakeside sunset dinner. Loon call at night.

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S8 – windsurf – Nitinaht (Jul 7)


Slog n' Slog. Morning ride out the point trail and walk along the river looking for fishing holes. Jellies in the river. Thought we might see a bear when we stepped out onto the gravel bar but saw two deer! Wind was steady, but light all day – felt more like a pressure push than a thermal. Only a few takers – was slog n’ slog for me. Damp day gave Ethan a bit of chill despite the warm breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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S9 – windsurf + kite – Nitinaht (Jul 8)





Last (Wind)dance. Morning walk into the village along the ‘new’ trail – benches for quiet reflection and an impressive new gateway at the village trail head! One crow seemed to take exception to Johnny, which he found a touch embarrassing. Heather and Johnny both taking flight(s)! Last session this trip for Ethan and I. Ethan on 9m again, but surfboard this time. See you next time lake!

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by shmish » Sat Jul 10, 2021 9:01 am

C36 wrote:S5 – windsurf + kite – Nitinaht (Jul 5)

See you next time lake.

Sounds awesome, glad to hear your achilles is feeling good.
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by BigD » Sat Jul 10, 2021 10:37 pm

Just got home. Can confirm Nitnat is awesome.
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by tattooedferret » Fri Jul 16, 2021 3:22 pm

We got back last week! What an amazing place!

Temps rarely got over 18 degrees, but the sun was strong, wind nearly every day. New outhouses, smelt like cedar!

Jellyfish blooms like you've never seen!

Plenty of chop... I got out windsurfing for a few mornings but it wasn't enough wind to be fun (small sail, improver, can't waterstart yet). When the wind picks up, the chop arrives (SCIENCE!)

But I've also been taking Kite lessons, so I got a few in while there, the school is amazing! I was riding upwind on a port tack, need improvement on the starboard tacks... SO CLOSE!

Also, highly recommend checking out the Looper Canyon. it's about 15 minutes drive from the campground (turn right as you leave the camp) it's at the 3rd bridge....take a wetsuit and booties!
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