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by grantmac » Mon Feb 08, 2021 2:17 pm

Just go to the Hook in the Gorge. Perfectly flat and 1/4 the cost.
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by tattooedferret » Mon Feb 08, 2021 2:58 pm

That's a good shout as well! I didn't realize there were schools down that way (thought it was a similar situation to up here where everything is geared towards kitesurfing lessons)

Added to my list:)
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by mjamero » Tue Feb 09, 2021 10:46 am

tattooedferret it seems like the the best option for fast learning is over on the Caribbean side, (flat water, steady winds) so I'm looking into Bonaire now. Not really looking to go anywhere with waves as I'll not learn shit if I can't get on the board hahahah not just yet anyway.

You should REALLY consider Tobago then. Flights to Bonaire from Vancouver are typically much more expensive than to Trinidad/Tobago. I initially was planning Bonaire as well until I saw the cost of flights! I really enjoyed my time in Trinidad/Tobago. There's also much more to see/do beyond windsurfing than in Bonaire. My wife and I spent one week in Port of Spain for carnival followed by one week on Tobago (very short cheap connecting flight from POS, or take the ferry). Pigeon point is good for beginner/intermediate (or advanced when it cranks on the outer bank), is mostly shallow, and perfect for waterstarts, footstraps, planing, gybes etc. They usually have someone there to give one-on-one lessons or, like I said earlier, check out Peter Hart's or Jem Hall's website and see when they are doing clinics there. When we went Peter Hart was unknowingly doing a clinic. I didn't realize he was there until we arrived and I saw him! The entire group was staying at the same small hotel as us. If I'd known ahead of time I would have paid to join his clinic for the week. I kind of crashed his course a little hear and there doing my best not to wear out my welcome. Seeing it first hand, taking bootcamp like his is very worth while if you want to progress on core skills quickly. The amount you save in flights to Bonaire would likely almost pay for your bootcamp.

Here is a video i did up from my time there. (I think I've progressed since then :D)

The first part of Jem Hall's Beginner to Winner is all Pigeon Point.
The full version of this video should be in every windsurfer's play list!

Jem Hall and Peter both have posted a lot of videos on YouTube of their Tobago Clinics. Check YouTube.
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by Slappy » Tue Feb 09, 2021 11:31 am

I would imagine that there would be a few windsurf schools in the Cabarete area in the DR.
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by ZeroR2 » Tue Feb 09, 2021 11:50 am

grantmac wrote:Just go to the Hook in the Gorge. Perfectly flat and 1/4 the cost.

True, that rice and beans will fill you up. But having a great meal sometimes is worth the price. And depending on the time of year, you will not like the Hook (cold and no wind).

Not going to really comment on flight prices, but many travelers are not that savvy. I haven't priced any flights to Aruba or Bonaire. But if I were to be going in December, my first choice would to fly into Orlando (MCO) directly (dirt cheap flights on certain days with WestJet) and then taking Southwest Airlines from MCO to Aruba. Spend one week in Aruba and take a cheap flight to Bonaire. Show me nicer waters than Bonaire? You can walk out to the reef for almost 1 mile. Excellent place to learn. Flat water and cross the reef for wave sailing.

Now that I live in the PNW, my first choice would be Hood River, Pistol River, Hawaii or Mexico (maybe). But you need a wet suit for most of those areas. Never used a wet suit elsewhere. Never even owned one prior to moving here.

Again, your main issue will be travel restrictions and easiest at this time is to fly into the USA (Seattle/Portland), rent a car and come back via the land border. No expensive 3 day hotel stay, just a negative Covid test (within 72 hours) and 14 day quarantine. This might still be in affect until the end of the year. Who knows.

Not many offering lessons in the Hood River at this time. Except this place.
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by tattooedferret » Tue Feb 09, 2021 4:15 pm

@zeroR2, yea I actually just emailed Brian yesterday. I'm not gonna leave Canada until the covid restrictions are well and truly over (one can hope it's this year). As I would love to get to blasting about and waterstarting before I go to a tropical climate with more wind, that way I can focus on having fun rather than learning (not saying learning isn't fun....)

@mjamero Sweet, I actually travelled around the Caribbean /west indies as a kid and would really like to go back! I've been looking up the schools in bonaire and they are pretty reasonable.

As for Jem Hall and Peter Hart, I think I've watched their videos on repeat since picking up Windsurfing, along with all the other usual suspects!

Thanks again for all the advice! I think I have somewhat of a plan down.... The Gorge if the US sorts itself out and the borders open up in the summer...And then somewhere hot, most likely Bonaire next winter... We shall see. then maybe I'll be able to sail off the spit with you guys! hah.
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by Jennifer » Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:10 pm

Bonaire is a great place for learning! Lots of clinics were run there pre covid. Of all the places I've been windsurfing this is the place to learn, the warm waist deep water and consistent wind make it easy. In BC Nitnat (once covid is over) is the best place to learn. It also has consistent summer winds on a good forecast and is a safe and easier place to learn than Squamish. No clinics there but lots of friendly windsurfers.
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by tattooedferret » Wed Feb 17, 2021 5:48 pm

Awesome, great to hear Jennifer!

And yep, Nitinat is on my list of places to go as soon as the restrictions ease up! I had plans to go there last summer before COVID hit. We ended up going to Harrison Lake and I got manhandled by the wind and swell! Good fun though.

Cheers for the reply!
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