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Lost foil/mast, fish finder?

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by JonathanP » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:06 am

My front wing snapped off at the fuselage on Sunday :cry: and the rest of the fuse/stabilizer/mast ejected in the process and was lost to the sound. The wing floated and I recovered it, but the rest sunk. I was windfoiling just south of the Squamish terminal only around 10-20m from the rocky shore, about midway between the two terminal edges, but I expect its still fairly deep there.

Anyone have a decent fish finder that might be able to pick up a mast/foil on an otherwise hopefully smooth sandy bottom? Or maybe a grappling hook I could drag around on my SUP?

Somewhere around here
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I did see an otter on the rocks while fumbling with my wing, but he didn't seem interested in helping recover my gear.
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