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2011 Goya Custom 84L Quad

For sale, wanted and promotions

by BigD » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:21 pm

2011 Goya Custom Quad 84L

Great board, gonna regret selling but it's just too small for my 100Kgs except in the most nuclear conditions.

Comes with Dakine Bag


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All new CUSTOM QUADS bring the latest surfing experience into wavesailing, with a wider wind range, more drive, added upwind and all around fast riding. From hard core down the line conditions to onshore chop, these boards are built to go beyond what you though it was possible.Francisco Goya: ��Welcome to the next level in Windsurfing, these boards will simply change the way you ride for ever. From down the line to straight on-shore conditions it doesn��t matter, the all new shapes & fins fit naturally into every section of the wave, making you feel as you were on your surfboard��These boards carried speed and the drive you hard through the turns, accelerating out of them, opening endless windows of possibilities for new sections on the wave and moves.The Quad concept also allows you to increase the volume of the board about 5 liters above what you would normally ride, with absolutely no loss of control in the high end. The result is a board with a massively expanded wind range- that extra volume will keep you moving through lulls that a lower volume board might slow down in.The Custom is available in PRO ConstructionOur most advanced construction combines light weight, a crisp feel and excellent durability all into one lay-up. Driven by the worldwide, year round Research and Passion of our team and customers, the Pro Construction evolves and improves constantly. The result is the lightest weights with the least warranty issues in the industry. All Pro boards come in distinct colors and a lightly sanded finish.Range Of UseIntermediate to professional riders. The Custom Quad series is the board we use and recommend for all your wavesailing needs.

Nome:Custom Quad 84
Target:Wave (W)
Prezzo:euro 0,00
Fins Four (300 cm2)
Fins Box USB
Height (cm.) 57,6
Sail range 4,0 - 5,7
Volume (l.) 84
Weight (kg.) No data
Width (cm.) 230
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by grantmac » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:16 pm

Any interest in almost the identical board but in 95L (Quatro Quad LS)? I lost some weight and it's now a touch big for my 85kg.
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by BigD » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:08 pm

Last week I would have said yes but I just bought a Fanatic Freewave STB TE 95L in the Gorge!
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by grantmac » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:09 pm

I had my eye on one of those too. Definitely give a review when you get it going.
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