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Chilliwack Lake

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by Brian C » Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:03 pm

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Tried a new windsurfing spot while camping at Chilliwack Lake this week. The lake gets regular thermal winds that blow from north to south. Even though that sounds backwards for summer thermals in our area, it works.
Since the campground is on the north end of the lake, the wind is no good off the campsite beach. You have to earn your session, by driving 7km up the (bumpy) forest service road to the beach at Paleface Creek. It’s about 200m down a good trail to the beach, and well worth it. The mountains across the lake are spectacular and the side-onshore wind, and small clean waves, make for very nice slalom sailing. Wind strength was similar to well out in the bay off Squamish.
I had a fun 6.0/110 litre session in the late afternoon on Thursday, and the conditions looked similar on Friday.
Given the remote location, I’d have to call this a novelty session, but I plan to try the place again if I’m in the area.
Ps - the launch is good for windsurfing and there was a fairly long downwind beach for safe returns. Kiters would have to launch in the shallow water off the beach due to obstacles along the shore.
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