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Windfoiling Newport Beach

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by telus022420 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:45 am

Any advice for foiling at this location? Height tolerances low/high tide, sandbars.
Sail Board. Foil size mast/wing size.
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by Slappy » Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:25 pm

It's pretty much direct onshore wind and a gentle sloping beach so you'll have to get to deep water, you could launch off of the rock jetty at higher tides but at low tides you'd have to swim out to deep water.

Once you are in deep water though there are no more concerns, it just gets deeper.

You can see low tide at the start of this video:
and high tide at the end:
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by JonathanP » Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:11 pm

Watch out for sunken logs and stumps especially near the shore! They change location frequently but expect one stump at least a meter tall Midway to the point about 10m out from the Rocky shoreline under the power lines. It gets shallower towards the north end too. I snagged a few submerged branches there about 50m from shore. I've been walking out till I'm about neck deep and slowly tacking farther out. Then hoping off on the way in to check the depth. There's a bit of a bench about 100m out from the high tide mark. Also see the conditions tide photo from the sws if you head up by the spit, definitely some debris up there too!
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