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by Slappy » Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:48 pm

Gin has just come out with a water relaunchable single skin hybrid kite and this is pretty big news.

I recently got myself a 5m Peak 4 single skin hybrid and even though it's not designed for water relaunch it's 1/1 for me so far. These single skin kites are the ultimate in drift, it's a whole new level from other kites (and I own single strut kites and BRM clouds too).

The best thing about these kites is that they don't fall in to the water, it's up to you to crash them. I'd imagine with that 12m Marabou you could confidently go out foiling in 6 knots without any issues dropping the kite. Now I can go foiling with my Cloud in 6 knots but any time you stop moving at all it's very scary trying to keep the kite in the air (I've had a few big swims).

I don't think I'd want to use the bigger sizes of Peak 4 on my surfboard but I'm really interested in this 12m Marabou for surf/skim as well as sub 9 knot foiling.

These kites (at least the Peak 4) produce almost zero lift also so they are ideal for teaching.
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