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by mjamero » Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:57 am

Pavel wrote:Thank you everyone for your replies.

When I enter my current weight (152lbs/69kg) into the “Riggeek” calculator, it recommends 102l for the lightwind board. Eddy from “BigWinds” recommended a 112l board for my weight, current level and sailing locations.

102 is guaranteed to be too small for your light wind board. I am 140 lbs; 12 pounds lighter than you. In a Freerace a 114 is just right for me. In a Freeride a 121 is just right for me.

If you are looking at calculators see this link ( ... nline.html), click on the board size tab, and enter your weight. The Riggeek calculator is based off of this calculator. Best to go back to the original calculator.

When I enter 152 lbs it puts your Freeride board size as 120L not 102L. Note that a 99L would be considered on the edge of what you can uphaul for your weight. (not talking buoyancy here).

1. Choose where you are mostly likely to sail.
2. Check out the average conditions.
3. Figure out what sail size you need to plane comfortably in those conditions.
4. Find a board that puts that sail size in it's sweet spot.

Example for light wind sailing and general freeride (No wave sailing or Freestyle)
1. I usually sail Locarno/Jericho/English Bay
2. Average conditions in the summer 12-15 knots.
3. To get me planing at my weight (140 lbs) at 12 knots I need a 7.5
4. What size board comfortable takes a 7.5? Answer for me: a 121 Freeride or 114 Freerace.

The link I gave above (in my opinion based on personal experience) is remarkably accurate. It's recommendations on sailsize are usually VERY close to what I actually sail.
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by Pavel » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:37 pm

Thanks Mark,

Check out this review; ... -2008.html

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by grantmac » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:36 pm

Keep in mind that "light wind" down where Big Winds is located isn't the same as English Bay. Usually it's going against the current and much steadier.
I've made a 105L work on "light" days in the Gorge no problem.
Many sailors down there don't bother owning +6m sails since all you need to do it wait a few days or drive a few miles to find 5.0 conditions.
115L and 90L cover almost all the bases except extreme days in BB.
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