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by bandito » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:39 pm

e: Maui Report (wave sailing rules)
by bandito » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:19 pm
I watched The 3min Video and its seem right.
Reading the comments below about sitting duck versus kiter versus windsurfer versus surfer is just confusing me.

I Surfed 5 years straight at 5 months a year =25months. Here the rules from mexico and Vancouver island past experience:

The One who drop in the wave the Deeper (where the peak start either barely having an angle yet or deep angle close out as the Right of this wave . Anybody coming in after in front or behing The Rider(Droping In) is wrong. I don't care what is the direction of wind and maritime boat right of way, the one on the Wave as the right of way. Surfing,Suping,Kiting,Windsurfing,boogieboarding, all the same.

Problem occur when the same people Snake around you(get closer to the peak a little bit) and keep droping the waves First over n over again.Very frustrating when theres 40 people for a set of 7 waves I tell you!That is the main reason I quit Surfing Barra Nexpa , very aggressive /localise/great riders take all. I Then Started Kiteboarding.i still think Windsurfing is closer to the real thing as you can drop the sail and surf the wave better then Kitesurfing.But I don't windsurf as I am a wimp wt my armslol

As the sitting duck /going out on a Coming set of waves(normally 5-8 waves every let say 15min) riders, They should try to get out of the way by either riding out and where the wave is not peeling down yet, duck dive, or even start riding on shore wt the close out section of the wave and then try again to ride out.Definitely make an effort Not to hit the Wave Rider and be out of is way. I know I did when I was a surfer. I also didn't like kiters and windsurfers and SUP when I was a Surfer only.

Of Course the Wave Riders should NOT hit someone and make Good effort in Riding the wave for no accident and keep riding the double plus overhead

Also really suck when an outbound kiter/windsurfer coming toward you "steal" The wave you are riding or about to Drop by doing a 180 reversal of direction, grrrrrrr.

If im doing a tack upwind, right of way or not, and a kiter or windsurfer is riding side wind/down wind wt a Peeler/Wave in the direction its Braking, I give some room by either going in is back/ turn around/ or go past in front if it feel safe or the best option.(hopefully not to close!)

I noticed because of the wind direction vs wind swells that Sometimes windsurfers prefer riding section of slow breaking peelers the opposite ways at La Ventana in past(thinking in front of Capitain Kirk /palapa La ventana place). In those rare case I oblige them most of the times(but not always especially on bigger oneslol) and let them have it ,especially if I get a fair share as it seem a bit easier to get more ride kiting. as long everybody that fairly Know how to sail Waves have some, its a great day :)

I surfed a Triple overhead once but never kited Double overhead yet,and what I learned the hard way(kites shredded as 6-10 foot waves crash in them) is 1:dont kite loop one way and ride the other way 2. If kite (especially bigger ones like 9m n up)) is about to get a decent size wave in under lines tension ,Probably better to RELEASE the kite and let it get taken to the beach and hope it will be ok and waiting for you like a good puppy.

C36 wrote:
J2: Keep the posts coming! Love the shot of the mast-high conditions.

If you want an open section of the break all to yourself, head over to the "weird wave", pretty sure you'll have it all to yourself.

Faceplant wrote:
Big waves! Seems odd, in a place where consequences can be huge that the rules are not followed. I'm guessing you had priority on the wave and the guys heading out should have given you the wave?
The power of the ocean in Hawaii is intense! I can't imagine going down in the wave with gear. Have fun!

Michael wrote:
I think a lot of people try to follow the rules but you need to be aware that some don't. Not usually on purpose but things can get scary out there when it's big and it usually about trying not to get crushed buy those waves. That's where most people on Maui learn to wave sail and most locals are very patient and understanding, they are aware that anything can happen out there so pay attention. I know my first few times there I made some kook moves but that was my first experience in the waves.

Faceplant wrote:
I'm guessing you had priority on the wave and the guys heading out should have given you the wave?

Michael wrote:
Actually the sailors heading out have right of way over those coming in. It easier to move when you're under the power of the wave and not a sitting duck slogging out through the impact zone.

Michael wrote:
The tack in Maui is different but the same rules apply.

Thanks for posting M. One additional point is the in/out rule appears to differ for windsurfers/surfers and kites (see below).

Strangely hard to find videos on windsurfing surf rules, but here is one that is pretty clear.

Rules that Apply to All (Surfing/SUP, Windsurfing, Kites)
first one to catch wave (under power of wave) has right of way
two catching at same time, closest to the peak has right of way
never drop into a wave from the backside (risk to unseen surfers or swimmers)
on long or multi-section waves its OK to drop in ABOVE waverider who has rights so long as you stay well clear/above them and do not interfere with their wave in any way (the more distance the better), but NEVER below (spoils their down-the-line path) unless the waverider with right of way invites you on with a call for "party wave"
starboard (right hand forward) has right of way over port in flat water areas away from the waves (like in the flats on the inside at Kanaha - just to add to the confusion)

Rules that Differ (Surfing/SUP/Windsurfing versus Kites)
OUTBOUND windsurfer (sitting duck) has right of way over incoming or waveriding windsurfer (for reasons M mentioned above - more options with power of wave; also note outbound rider should make every reasonable effort to avoid intentionally interfering with inbound riders clean line - that's the 'don't be a buzz kill' clause)
INBOUND kiter has right of way over outbound (waveriding) kiter

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