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by tweegster » Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:11 pm

Hornby Island is well situated for exposure to SE and NW winds. NW winds are ridden at the whaling station, which is a small sandy bay near heliwell park. I did not ride here but checked it out, launch would have been difficult at high tide.

SE can be ridden at either Tribune bay or little tribune bay. Little tribune is accessed off road of the same name, it is a rocky beach with shore break, room to launch with a buddy but no solo launch due to space, rocks and logs.

Big Tribune bay is an easy sandy beach launch at all but the highest tides (above 4m). Park at the main provincial park parking lot and follow the path straight ahead. If tide is above 4m or you are so inclined, there is a large grassy area perfect for pumping and launching just off to your left, 20 feet off the beach (watch for dog poo). It also has a covered picnic area that made an ideal wind fence to self land behind. Summary: Tribune bay has an ideal launch setup for all tides, other than the onshore winds. The place does get busy in summer I hear, in November just the odd dog walker.

Now for the good part, the fetch is as long as anywhere in the straight, the wave shaped rocks and wind blown trees are a dead giveaway. Waves break consistently over the rocky points or sandy beach, pick your pleasure.

I had a 15-20knot and a 20-30 knot wind day, this offered knee to waist high, then waist to shoulder and heavy. It was be most coastlike conditions I have been in on the inside, and have had worse waves in manzanita and Tofino. The shallow sandy beach had a shore break area that made it easy to get speed before fighting (or boosting) your way out.

The wind is cleaner at little tribune and the waves were better (although the west side of big tribune was also fantastic), little tribune is an easy 2 tacks away. Big tribune was gusty in spots but both days if you lined up with the point it had a 100ft area of accelerated wind: boost zone.

Two local surfers at little Tribune were stoked to share the sessions with me (took the photos). They were slaying multiple turns and getting decently long rides. The two guys had not seen a kiter in over a year?!?

This place has potentential, I would love to see it on a 30-40knot storm. Don’t forget your gear if you get the opportunity to visit.
Big tribune looking toward little tribune
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Grass area
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by tweegster » Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:14 pm

Big tribune bay, last 2 pics high tide after wind died.
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High tide, big tribune
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by Ryan » Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:38 pm

Thanks for posting the Site Info. We sailed there last year. See
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