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2018 Election

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by Slappy » Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:40 pm

So anyone know if any of the candidates have any pro or anti kiteboarding stances? Especially the candidates for Parks Board.

I see John Coupar is running and he was a commissioner on back in 2014 when we first got legal kiteboarding from the Parks Board at Dog Beach. I'm not sure what his role was or his stance though.

Mellissa De Genova was also on the Parks Board at the time.
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by adam2 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:58 pm

As a matter of fact, I believe Sarah Blyth was instrumental in supporting the kiters who got us access to Dog Beach on a "trial" basis a few years ago. Sarah was a member of the Vancouver Parks Board at the time. I believe that without her, Parks Board member Nikki Sharma and of course leaders in our kiting community, we would not have Dog Beach access for summer kiting. Others on here can likely provide even more information.

If I recall correctly Sarah also defended the skate park in my neighbourhood from NIMBYs who complained about the noise it created. It is my understanding she is well known and respected in the skateboarding community. On top of this, she is best known for her tireless frontline work in the Downtown Eastside. Sarah is running as an independent for Vancouver City Council.

EDIT: I was at that Parks Board meeting when we got the go ahead for Dog Beach. Sarah couldn't make it but Sharma was there. While I'm no fan of Coupar and De Genova, I at least recall and give credit to De Genova for being quite supportive of the Dog Beach proposal despite being at odds with Blyth and Sharma politically. I do not recall Coupar being one way or the other. I'm sure others who were there at that meeting, and involved in making it happen can chime in and offer their recollection.
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