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Squamish today

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by 8mdude » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:39 pm

Strong and gusty wind as you see in the graph. Great day for boosting working out the abs for those who like abs workout the natural way. Not to be vain -- but good abs means good lower back ==> means more kiting for older folks like me :-)

Definitely manageable crowd - thinner crowd. No windsurfer so boosting in the river is care-free for some.

Just my observation: why do some folks expect those on the spit(ran into a couple today) to land their kite just because they happen to be standing there. Sure I'd love to help -- but whatever happened to ask and it'll be granted: A simple hand gesture that taps the head is a polite way of asking "can you give me a land?". And then there are those who purposely ignore you. Oh well there will always be "jerks" -- just need to smart up. Weekdays kiting seem to have no jerk though -- mainly on weekends my observation -- maybe the stress from weekday work is just too much or the crowd or just born jerk.
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by Brian C » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:13 pm

AJ, we windsurfers were all at Nexen today. A bit gusty but good and strong, until about 3pm. After that it seemed to get gustier ( or I got tired from sailing overpowered on my 5.0). A friendly mix of Lower Mainlanders and locals, as always at Nexen.
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