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by bandito » Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:34 pm

will post later a blog of how I deal and protect myself and surrounding. I personally have to take it to next level because of my work , my safety , and especially for the elders older folks and low immune ones ....

Everyone welcome to do the same.

Take Care.
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by bandito » Sat Mar 21, 2020 7:58 am

its incredible how the response from supervision at work was not proactive and they run out of disinfecting solutions and gloves. Many for that reason didn't come to work this week .

Listening to CBC radio last week , I realise by march 12 that social distancing and disinfections of things and myself and also precautions like gloves and much more is required asap. lots of research online .

I made to virus Coronavirus killer spray bottle. I carry those everywhere .
+75% isopropyl alcool solution(mix wt water) . Best.stable.
+1%peroxyde solution(add 2 water to 1 3%peroxyde. mix this one every copple days and keep in darker bottle as its not stable). still its good and cheap.

I even spray my gloves once in a while because virus also clings on things a while.

-I since last weekend taking distance wt people in my own building and using a piece of paper to open things, spray alcool on things around and have a quarantine zone next to front door for work clothing and outside shoes on news paper. I feel even if someone get sick I am not carring the virus or propagating. I had a face shield at store last week !

+I also have a soapy hand sprayer in back of car(have a small clean station and quarantine zone there!).

I even spray each other sprayer so they are virus free. NO DOUBLE DIPPING.


its complicate. I know.
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