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Barely use(like New) 2017 Aloha 130x30.5 kiteboard

For sale, wanted and promotions

by bandito » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:45 am

complete wt comfy Liquid Force Fusion X Kiteboard Straps and Pads
(retail $198.95cdn) ... rive-copy/ that's the board only(retail $440 cdn)

LIKE NEW> and not only for girl board dings or big jump landing on this one.

low/mid rocker(get going in lighther winds), mid flex , staight to double concave tip. flat rail early planning and smooth landing, good flex for choppy condition.

IM me, make an offer . ----also ,im looking for a Light wind twin tip of over 140cm to 150cm

also foil board parts or complete ,IM me wt what you have.
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