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Team Yellow wax/ Waxing Instructions

When it's absolutely too cold

by bandito » Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:36 pm

I use Iron Maiden iron dedicated iron for ski. In past I used paraffin from Safeway and a second hand household iron, iron was ok. Now I much prefer Yellow from +5 to -5 n Red from -5 to -15, IT DOES make a diff as temp change , believe it. Also I wax every session n sometime 2 time if over 3 hours, it take less then 5min . after 2.5 hours board doesn't glide the same n I Feel the resistance.
1. put board flat or 45degre as I prefer , I wax one side top down n reverse board. for ski flat on garbage can , use coat hanger to pull back binding.
2 . iron very hot ( around 135degre I guess) , put wax against iron n let fall on ski like 1/4 of the way sparingly.(first time you need way more wax then subsequently as board keep some. don't wait theres none left, it takes longer to redo n way more wax.)
3. apply iron against board n always keep moving circular motion back n forth, do not stop moving to keep from melting deck, don't worry, it can take a lot of heat, but keep moving not too fast or slow. you will visually see where wax is needed. wt board at 45, I skim it down at same time.also add wax if spot needed.
4. as wax is dry(look flat mat),don't wait, use a metal or plastic scraper at close to 90 n scape toward you to remove bumps n do all the deck.i use metal, plastic safer I guess.
5 . finish wt lightly buffing deck wt back of sponge green or blue scrubber to solidify the wax. . Good job. takes less then 5min.
I recommend Briko yellow and red wax from MEC. A step better would be wax wt Fluro, but that is very Super expensive. check a couple U tubes videos .wax when I park car after session. if I change wax color, I just apply over the old one. unless it was waxed n Not ridden, then use paper towel n apply iron against paper against the board to absorb old wax. at Cypress you will use more Yellow then red.
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by bandito » Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:48 pm

*iron at around 130 degree. if wax SMOKING, ITS TOO HOT!
*They say Buffing (last step) is actually the more important. I use blue scrubber from back of sponge,but they say a brush wt horse hair best. some riders brush base frequently during day, faster n better ride.....also leave board on snow/cold before you do buff, wax "sweat"out a bit.mmm. I even used my car snow brush nowlol
*scrape wax Very good, thick wax on board is NOT a good thing.
*WAx with fluro (very $$$) are best on sticky warm snow, but on colder snow, they are not worth the price. If on those warm days your board stick to snow, fluro yellow or fluro powder sprinkle on regular wax n buff does make a noticeable diff over non fluro Yellow.but yellow wax is better then no fresh wax / buff !!!
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