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Deal Alert Cab Contra Quiver

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by Slappy » Fri May 04, 2018 4:32 pm

I know they are Contras but it's still a pretty crazy good deal on a quiver + bar + pump: ... C18CRX0PK/

With shipping and tax it'll be about $2500 CAD for:

- Contra 13m
- Contra 10m
- Contra 7m
- Cabrinha bar (my fav bar btw)
- Pump (the good newer kind)

I'm not sure the 10m and 7m are Contras because they don't actually exist in those sizes they might be switchblades but they look like little Contras in the photo.

All of the gear is branded as Neil Pryde CR:X not Cabrinha. They are the owner of Cab and this gear is their attempt to create a youth racing formula set.
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