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by C36 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:33 pm

Alton wrote:Hallelujah! Sunday morning prayers have been answered at 72nd St.

Michael wrote:Lucky you, did that wind bomb hit there? Dave and I were rigging when it hit and we thought we had scored the elusive White Rock Holy Grail! That lasted until we hit the water and we couldn't even get off the beach. :( Looking forward to Thursday now.

wind ramping up OSR (by M)

Fizzle. Wind ramped up while rigging and tanked at launch. Bobbed around, then grabbed the SUP. Not much better. Four short glides after it glassed off on the ebbing tide. Best part was free parking if you arrive before 10 am.

arrival OSR
wind ramping up OSR
wind tanked OSR
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